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Automating the ‘Bill Only” and “Bill & Replace” processes in surgery supply chain operations

SANTA FE, NM, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022/ — Meperia, the first supply chain content enabler to bring predictive intelligence solutions to the healthcare market, is pleased to announce its latest innovation: Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS).

Meperia President and Chief Executive Officer Phil Oaten said, “Surgical services have been underserved from a supply chain perspective for too long. As the Surgical Service department is the largest single consumer of supplies within the hospital, having the most complexity in terms of product mix, and the majority of non-file transactions, they represent the largest opportunity for performance and revenue improvement. As the leading content company in healthcare, we are excited by the introduction of MIMS and look forward to helping our clients ensure a healthy financial future.”