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Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS)

Streamlines and automates the “Bill Only” and “Bill & Replace” processes in surgery supply chain operations for both vendor sales rep. and hospital staff!

The Challenge?


of a hospital's total supply costs is Physician Preference Items (PPI)


meperia - challenges

•       Bill only process is cumbersome and labor-intensive

•       Pricing discrepancies delay bill only processing

•       No visibility to contract items that aren’t in the item master

•      Unvetted and/or unapproved items are used in patients

•      Inaccurate coding results in lost reimbursements

•      Process delays impact payments and savings opportunities

The Resolution:

Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS)

Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS) is a SaaS application that streamlines and automates the “bill only” and “bill and replace” processes in surgery supply chain operations.  MIMS is used by both vendor sales representatives and hospital staff to manage implant supplies and to document implant usage in surgical cases for vendor payment processing.

Implant usage requisitions are created and sent to the MMIS for purchase order processing.  The purchase order number generated from the order is sent back to MIMS and made available to the vendor sales representative and OR staff.

  • Scanning improves the capture of items and item details like lot, expiration date, and serial number
  • Reduced vendor stockouts from PO processing delays
  • Accurate implant pricing reduces invoice discrepancies
  • Indicators for FDA recalled items prior to implantation
  • Simplified construct management
  • Integrates with your existing materials management system



  • Advance visibility of case implants allows for product vetting and approval prior to the case
  • Electronic process improves communication of issues and reduces the resolution time
  • Case reporting provides information needed to downstream departments for billing and revenue management


Follow Mr. Wilson’s case through the pre-surgical process to final billing and see how easy using Meperia Implant Management Solution makes it!

A Case Journey Using Meperia Implant Management Solution (MIMS)

meperia - physicians office

Physician’s Office

  • Schedule case
  • Contact Vendor Sales Rep. and provide case information & radiographic images
meperia - vendor sales rep

Vendor Sales Rep.

  • Identify supplies required for the case
  • Build case and pre-requisition in MIMS
  • Post case – verify items used and update item information
  • View PO number in MIMS
  • Recall /expiration management
meperia - hospital OR bus mgr

Hospital OR Bus. Mgr.

  • Review / verify case supplies
  • Finish verification
  • Manage/report on waste
  • Recall/expiration visibility
meperia - hosp OR buyer

Hospital OR Buyer

  • Review pre-requisition & supporting documentation
  • Submit requisition
  • Within 24hrs – PO Created in MMIS & PO Number sent to MIMS
meperia - hosp AP processing

Hospital AP Processing

  • Invoice received & matched to PO
  • Payment processed within early payment discount terms
  • Payment reconciled
Since we began using the application, Meperia Implant Management Solution has significantly decreased the number of days it takes our company to receive a PO from the hospital. The Meperia team has been very accommodating to our needs as a vendor, including providing training and support.

Tom Dolan, Chief Operating Officer at DC Medical Representing DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction

It was the AI process that ignited thoughts of how we could improve the handling of our BILL ONLY(BO) requisitions. Rather than continuing to use a third-party Implant Management process, which required us to maintain another contract item file, we now provide our BO Vendors with access to MIMS. With secure access to the vendor’s contracted items, they create their case requisitions using our contract item data, then electronically attach associated documents that identify the products used on the case.

Sherri Milam, Director of Corporate Resource Management Systems and Data, Saint Luke’s Health System