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Complimentary Supply Chain Health Assessment


Inaccurate supply chain data creates significant breakpoints costing healthcare organizations MILLIONS in unnecessary spend & missed revenue.

Take a moment to answer each of these questions for your healthcare organization

1. Is your data keeping up with the 30% data churn rate?

2. Do your clinicians have access to industry-wide functional alternatives with product pictures?

3. Are you confident items on FDA recall are being identified and flagged at the point of purchase?

4. Do you have a systematic way to make transactional updates for HCPCS (level 2) Revenue Codes & GTINs to ensure you don’t have lost revenue?

5. Does your system provide on-demand access to data so clinicians and/or purchasing staff don’t have to key in new item information and/or non-file ordering information manually?

6. Is your data keeping up with the 30% data churn rate?

7. Are you typically paying the negotiated contract price at the point of purchase vs. reconciling in the rears?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, our Meperia team can help! Let us resolve your data breakpoints with a complimentary supply chain health assessment.

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What will the complimentary supply chain data assessment findings show you?

The purpose of the assessment is to take an initial look at your organization’s product data quality and determine if your foundation is rock solid or if there is an opportunity to strengthen the base of your supply chain processes.  Specifically, we will look at the accuracy of all data, both catalog and non-catalog from item build through PO and invoice history. Please note that Meperia renews our SOC2 certification every year, validating the steps we take to ensure the confidentiality & privacy of our data and our customers’ data.  We will treat any files you send us the same way.

The assessment results determine the status of the following:

  • Non-file, non-contract spend
  • Exceptions and contract overpayment
  • Duplicates
  • Discontinued items
  • Missing HCPCS codes
  • Price parity across all organizations
  • Contract opportunities (with feed)

Assessment output example of non-file/file contract overpayment

  • Inactive VS active items (number of times purchased)
  • Word count relevance
  • Description variation
  • Catalog and non-catalog combined spend and variation
  • PPI Contract Price Compliance
  • Product Family Comparisons
  • FDA recalled items
meperia - non file/file overpayment

Ultimately, Meperia will identify your organization’s supply chain breakpoints and perhaps most importantly, demonstrate how to cultivate patient safety,  performance improvement, and protect revenue moving your organization to a new level of performance.

Patient Safety

  • Recall notification before the PO goes out
  • Quality data – order the right product
  • Description management – understand what the product is
  • Pictures – look before you buy
  • Information – detailed product information in a library with over 30K catalogs of comparative product, and technical information
  • Functionally equivalent – supports COVID & backorders
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Protect Revenue & Profitability

  • HCPCS and Rev codes on demand
  • 40% of items are ordered outside the item master = 40% of the revenue is at risk
  • Contracts loaded up front as well as updated/future contracts
  • Validate existing charges based on cost changes
  • Spend visibility and control – and, yes, even into the OR

Performance Improvement & Systematic Monitoring

  • All procure to pay data attributes – this creates an error-free touchless order from beginning to end
  • Guided procurement and control at the user, facility, and department level
  • Sourcing on-demand; no more third party searching because now you have one site to look at
  • AI & Insight – information at your fingertips to resolute any issue and support the data churn rate of 28%
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Take advantage of a complimentary supply chain health assessment

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