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About Us

We’re a visionary company with an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re the people behind many healthcare industry firsts, including formulary-based procurement, virtual item masters, and automatic functional equivalence identification.

As the creator of Meperia Strategic Sourcing, we’ve enabled healthcare systems to put controls and real-time visibility around med-surg spend at the point of requisitioning and throughout the purchasing process to save millions on annual supply spend and eliminate back-end rework. It’s the first true “savings enforcement” solution.

We’ve also developed ancillary solutions like The Library, a content management tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate a single source of accurate, universal product information, syncing internal sources like the MMIS and the Item Master and Charge Master with outside data sources from your GPO, distributor, and manufacturers.

And we’re not done yet. We continue to assess the content management and data issues facing today’s health systems, to discover and develop new solutions to make their lives easier.


Each member of the Meperia leadership team has over 20 years of healthcare supply chain experience, driving technological advancements with AI to provide content-driven supply chain technology solutions.

Our Directors of Client Services are dedicated to a customer from implementation and training through the lifecycle of our relationship. Each Director on the Meperia team is Six Sigma Certified.

Mission & Vision


Content + Technology = Results

It’s time for new ideas. A fresh, turn-the-world-on-its-head approach to old healthcare supply chain problems.

Our goal is to create solutions that are so intuitive and smart, they do the work for users. To improve the accuracy of content, eliminate back-end office rework and present opportunities to supply chain and clinical staff alike. Solutions that make a user’s daily life easier and provide a positive impact to a provider’s bottom line.


No Boundaries

Meperia’s looking to harness emerging technology from within healthcare and from other industries to create radical change within the healthcare supply chain. We envision a new horizon, where data knows no bounds and is accessible, accurate and intuitive in real-time, empowering every user to make the right decision, every time.

Our Philosophy

We Ask WHY

Why Isn’t It Easy To Get The Answers You Need?

We discovered several core “truths” of successful supply chain management—creating the belief system on which our business is built:

It’s not a technology problem, it’s a data management problem.

Data is unstructured and undisciplined because so are we. So, if we accept that data is diverse, but organize it so it’s consistent, accurate and accessible, you’ll gain big efficiencies and savings.

Given the right information up front, people will make the right decision.

Armed with accurate, relevant, timely information, employees will most often make the best choice – improving the organization as a whole.

A few changes can make a big difference.

Make it easy for users to find and compare products. And help organizations easily control actions and events that impact profitability, such as rogue purchasing.

Who We Serve

Whether you’re a community hospital or part of a nationwide Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), Meperia can help you achieve significant savings and make an impact on your operational and financial health.


Meperia solutions help address any healthcare organizations’ key issues:

  • Mitigates inaccurate product information to reduce errors
  • Guides users to purchase on contract
  • Increases visibility to product usage and spend in real time
  • Controls supply spending – second only to labor and growing at a rate two times that of labor
  • Avoids overpayment for PPI
  • Incorporates lean processes


  • Provides visibility to supply spend data from across geographically dispersed facilities
  • Integrates disparate MMIS/ERP systems for universal reporting
  • SaaS-based platform allows swift onboarding of new facilities when IDNs acquire or merge


  • Finds 20-30% expense reduction, with 3% annual price savings from price parity alone
  • Quick time to value – average ROI~6:1 with payback in less than a year
  • Increases spend visibility and control- 48% of spend and 52% of items are purchased outside the item master – often high-cost PPI
  • Controls PPI – up to 50-80% of procedure cost
  • Automates manual, error-prone procurement and AP functions and avoids off-contract purchases up front


  • SaaS-based allows quick up time – often within 30 days
  • MMIS agnostic, cloud-based for minimal IT support- no “rip and replace”
  • Easy adoption – offers consumer-like shopping experience with photos

VPs Supply Chain

  • Increases spend visibility and control – 48% of spend and 52% of item purchases happen outside item master
  • Improves PPI management ~60% of med-surg spend
  • Addresses item master data integrity, price discrepancies and low contract compliance, which lead to high error correction levels for supply chain and accounts payable staff

Why Choose Us?

Industry Thought Leaders

Since 1990, we’ve been creating some of healthcare’s most innovative answers to complex content and supply chain issues. Normalizing data from disparate sources—both outside, like GPOs, distributors and manufacturers; and inside, like materials systems, clinical systems and synching the item and charge master. Giving visibility and control over non-file spend. Harnessing AI to drive sound decision-making by every buyer in every hospital and across every IDN we serve.

This entrepreneurial mindset and spirit has led Meperia to look at the healthcare supply chain a whole new way, and make data clean and easy to access, decisions more sound up front, and eliminating the back work needed to correct uninformed decisions and rogue “off-line” purchasing.

Healthcare Data Experts

We eat, sleep, breath healthcare. So unlike other companies that offer solutions migrated from another industry, our solutions are built specifically for healthcare by technologists and visionaries who have spent their entire careers in the healthcare arena. We understand a healthsystems’ issues because we’ve worked for them and with them.

This means we bring a unique perspective to the solutions we build – yours.

Consumer Approach And Technology

When a buyer uses our solutions, it feels familiar and intuitive, like how they’d buy at home. That’s because we’ve harnessed some of the same sophisticated AI technology used in consumer online buying to make the experience easy. The “hard work” happens behind the scenes, making user’s lives easier.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Philip J. Oaten - Meperia

Philip J. Oaten

President & Chief Executive Officer

Louis A. Davis - Meperia

Louis A. Davis

Vice President, Research & Development

Eric Lai - Meperia

Eric Lai

Vice President, International Operations

Tom Frith - Meperia

Tom Frith

Executive Vice President

Tom Frith - Meperia

Michael Hannemann

Vice President of Technology

Tom Frith - Meperia

Hung Nguyen-Van-Phi

Head of Software Development