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We’ve Got Our Ear to the Ground!

Three Key Lessons Learned from the AHRMM22 Conference

AHRMM 2022 was a true knowledge exchange. I’m forever grateful to the people that support healthcare organizations.  If you’re still standing after the last two years, you won.  You made it to the final level of Jumanji!  AHRMM brought it all together for me as I tried to soak up the lessons learned, and tactical strategies shared through the COVID-19 era.  Through this experience, I also found out I was...

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Reduce Outpatient Surgical Claim Denials and Rejections with Accurate HCPCS Level II Codes

Let our data analysis help you increase your outpatient reimbursement for high-cost implants and other devices by eliminating the processes that burden revenue cycle departments the most--the cost of reworking denied claims and claims Returned to Provider (RTP). Medicare has identified over 480 diagnostic or surgical procedures that are designated as “device dependent.” When Medicare processes the...

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AI & the Healthcare Supply Chain

Limiting Attributes Prevents Learning   To keep up with the recognized 30% data churn rate in healthcare, at Meperia, we collect unlimited data attributes for any one product and from multiple sources. This allows us to continuously enrich the information, eliminate the bad data and provide insightful information needed to support clinicians and physicians at the point of care, throughout the supply...

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Fight, Flight or Freeze – Covid Tests Healthcare Leadership Teams

Did Covid light your fire or put it out? I’ve seen three reactions from family and friends so far: Fight, flight, or freeze. Could the same be true with the leaders of our healthcare organizations? Some hospitals are seeing great progress right now. They identify the gaps quickly and work to repair the breakpoints that affect revenue and patient safety. They’ve improved processes with Covid as a catalyst....

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The Healthcare Industry Needs a Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation is a holiday movie classic. “Nobody's leaving! Nobody's walking out on this fun old fashioned family Christmas! Noooo, No, We're all in this together!” – Clark Griswold And we are in this together. There is no doubt that COVID has shown us the importance of moving to a community mindset. In 2022, expect to see an extreme focus on building more resilient supply chains to support the...

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GTIN Integration – The Holy Grail of Data Standards

When Indiana Jones was searching for the Holy Grail, his instinct was to pick the most practical of chalices.  In the movie, he chose “the cup of a carpenter” – a wise decision.  In supply chain, “we do not follow maps to buried treasure, and "X" never, ever marks the spot.”  Tenured supply chain professionals know that when it comes to data, it’s the quality of the content that really matters and not the...

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Are your functional equivalents really unbiased?

Finding an unbiased source of truth for functional equivalents is nearly impossible. It seems that everyone wants you to buy from their product or contract portfolio. Why would you need to see what the market has to offer? If we learned anything from COVID, it’s that people in supply chain need to understand every manufacturer in the market that makes a specific product or product line.  The days of not...

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A Look at How Meperia Supported Our Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meperia, within weeks of the pandemic, released a Free Resource Guide: Critical Supplies with Functional Alternatives for our customers as well as the entire healthcare industry.  The resource guide is intended to be leveraged for sourcing activities and identification of alternative products and channels so providers can continue to serve patients without interruption.COVID19 disrupted the market in a...

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How is Meperia’s Content Offering Different from Others in the Market?

Actually, this is a question we get quite often.  I can sum it up easily—Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integration.  Meperia’s Strategic Sourcing (MSS) product foundation is built on data.  Content is at our core and, as such, we deliver real-time updates to manage the merger and acquisition activity in the market and transfer this knowledge directly to the enterprise resource planning (ERP), to...

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