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Patented Artificial Intelligence Engine

Organizes and “learns” information to discern the answer you are looking for. Provides higher quality data and faster answers, and suggests decisions that offer the best savings potential.

Integration of Disparate Systems

Automatically integrates multiple, disparate systems, creating a common language without you having to do a thing.

eContent Marketplace

A SaaS—based marketplace that collects the universe of product information-both internal data and industry product data—to create a single source of truth.

Predictive Intelligence

Intuitive artificial intelligence drives faster answers and actionable results. Problems solved.

Discernment Engine

Automatically assimilates mass volumes of disparate information and retains all variations of product attribution, including codes, aka’s and vendor information.

What Makes MSS Different?

find compare control - Meperia

Through three simple steps, MSS can help your organization guide real-time procurement and enforce your formulary rules:

  1. Find items in the item master to meet the specific need
  2.  Compare functionality and pricing
  3. Control choices at the point of requisition

MSS is the Industry’s first formulary-based procurement solution with automatic functional equivalence identification to empower providers to secure the right product, at the right price…every time!

Organizations’ supply spend data is normalized with industry data for a single source of uniform data. Health care systems can roll up information into a central virtual item master, yet allow each facility to retain its current naming conventions. The solution is agnostic – it works with any materials management information (MMIS) solution, not just the Meperia healthcare supply chain solution.

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Challenges And Solutions

  • Provides unprecedented visibility for all supply spend to reduce purchase of non–catalog items and consolidate repeat purchases through contracting
  • Improves ability for standardization by eliminating duplicate items through perpetual normalization and automatic identification of functionally equivalent items
  • Pre–approves med–surg purchases before users buy to enforce contract compliance and solve mismatch of purchase orders to invoices in the backoffice
  • Helps users immediately identify the right item–on contract and on budget–to reinforce an organization’s formulary and business goals

Meet Your Supply Savings Goals with Meperia Strategic Sourcing

The Library - Meperia

The Library

virtual item master - Meperia

Virtual Item Master

market kpi - Meperia

Market KPI

formulary based procurement - Meperia

Formulary-Based Procurement

functional equivalence - Meperia

Functional Equivalence

content manager - Meperia

Content Manager

This integrated group of solutions helps drive sustainable savings for Med-Surg supplies by providing visibility into your entire hospital supply spend and enhancing item master content so users make the right choice up front. All to support your facility’s business objectives and drive dollars to your bottom line.

How Northside Hospital Reduced Supply Spend

Northside chose to work with Meperia because its strategic sourcing approach gave us instant visibility into our supply purchasing and contract activity and immediately identified areas where we could improve and save. It provides a roadmap to better data, greater standardization, and more unified purchasing across our facilities. Because we have multiple acute-care hospitals and hundreds of outpatient locations, we need to maintain standardization across the network in how and what we purchase but we also need to remain agile, to accommodate the custom needs of our 3500 physicians and our diverse specialty service lines, while keeping the clinical needs of patients at the forefront. Meperia enables us to handle that balance and provided a path to ongoing savings.

Carl Waller

Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Northside Hospital

Powers of Meperia Strategic Sourcing

AI provides insight - Meperia

AI provides scalability and insight

functional equivalents - Meperia

Functional equivalents to assist in backorders, case costing, value analysis and standardization

public and private catalogs - Meperia

Public & private catalogs

formulary management - Meperia

Formulary management, controlling and supporting facilities’ products based on their business objectives

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