Creating New Technology for New Markets

Predictive Intelligence drives targeted decisions.

We’re the first to bring predictive intelligence solutions to new markets like healthcare—for relevant answers and rapid results.

Market Firsts

  • The Library: A content management tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize all forms of product information (online, hard copies, physical product) and pull/discern relevant data to generate a pool of accurate, universal product information.
  • Formulary-Based Procurement: Harnesses AI to “learn” a company’s preferred products, contracts and pricing (i.e., their product formulary) and direct users to the “best” choice—before they buy.
  • Virtual Item Masters: An organization’s private access to a universal marketplace of millions of products and photos, easing selection and comparison.
  • Functional Equivalence: Through a higher level of product description and sophisticated AI and algorithms, facilitates easier identification and comparison of functional similar and equivalent items.