Other Markets

We are actively seeking channel and development business partners to expand availability of our healthcare-specific data management and eProcurement systems to the following markets:

• Europe
• Asia
• South America

Please contact us to discuss.

Helping Hospitals Gain a Healthy Bottom Line

The healthcare arena has changed.  Reimbursement is down.  In-patient numbers are flat.  Expensive physician preference devices and implants drive up procedure costs, but lack visibility or control.  Accountable care organizations (ACOs) and ongoing mergers and acquisitions create bigger, more geographically dispersed healthcare systems. 

Organizations desperately need to generate new savings—20–30% expense reduction annually—to stay profitable. 

Meperia improves data quality, spend control and interoperability.  Our systems drastically increase healthcare supply chain savings and efficiencies through:

  • Integration of disparate systems to drive meaningful results
  • Accurate, consistent procurement data available to everyone, from anywhere
  • Improved decision-making on product selection, standardization and value analysis—before users buy
  • A cloud-based, SaaS environment with 30-day activation and agnostic integration of multiple facilities and systems
  • Fast, sustainable savings—3% annual reduction in supply expenses

Learn more about our healthcare-specific data management and eProcurement systems: 

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